Special Recipes
Nutritious Recipes for Our Beloved Mother
A delicious meal with our mother is something we always try to have every Mother’s Day. In mother’s heart, though, even a five-star hotel cannot give her the most precious dishes; even a famous restaurant cannot offer her the most heart-warming cuisine. The best Michelin delicacies for mother are your own cooking, shared and enjoyed with the whole family, with nutritious ingredients that are specially selected, with her health in mind!
New Cooking Ideas with Fine Shrimp Sauce
Fermented to achieve its distinctive flavor and strong fragrance, Lee Kum Kee Shrimp Sauce not only makes steamed or fried dished more delicious, but can also be used to create a wide variety of dishes in combination with other types of sauces. The sauce can be used with a range of preparation methods, including meats marinated, fried foods, and boiled dishes as well as dipped delicacies. Now, traditional shrimp sauce can be used to make creative dishes that excite your palate.

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