• Spare Rib Sauce 240g
  • Spare Rib Sauce 397g
Spare Rib Sauce 240gSpare Rib Sauce 397g

Marinade Sauce

Spare Rib Sauce

Marinade Sauce

Spare Rib Sauce

This delicious sauce allows you to make your favorite barbeque. This sauce is perfect for marinating, grilling or stir-frying.


Sugar, water, tomato paste, salt, fermented soybean paste (water, salt, soybeans, wheat flour), sesame paste, modified corn starch, spices, sesame oil, colours (caramel I-plain, allura red AC), dehydrated garlic, acid (acetic acid), stabilizer (xanthan gum). Contains soybeans, wheat.


soybeans, wheat.

Pack Sizes

240G, Jar
397G, Jar

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