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Sichuan Style Marinated Cuttlefish

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What you’ll need

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How to make it

Rinse and thinly slice cuttlefish.
Blanch the celtuce for 10 seconds, then submerge in an ice-water bath and set aside.
Blanch cuttlefish slices for no more than 30 seconds.
Soak the blanched cuttlefish slices into ice-water, drain and pat-dry with paper towel.
Add the seasonings to the cuttlefish slices; pat-dry with paper towel.
Pre-heat the pan at high heat, stir-fry the cuttlefish slices, then add peppercorn chili oil and stir-fry well. Place the celtuce slices on the side and sprinkle with fresh Sichuan peppercorn.